Whats In My Bag?

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I have always loved to watch “Whats in my bag” videos on YouTube. I do believe I have a Whats in my bag video up on my YouTube Channel. Though it is with a different bag and with very different contents. Much different. Throughout the years I have found that I do not, in fact, need to carry such and such item JUST in case I need it. Here are just some essentials that are a must for a quick trip or a not so quick trip. The rest of the items that I may or may not need are in the center console of my car because, let’s be honest, wherever you are you just need to make a quick trip to your car for gum or charge your phone really quick or apply hand lotion if you absolutely must. ya feel me?

The Bag

I got this bag on a whim. I do not plan to get it for months and months. It is the Givenchy Antigona Mini. It has the long strap so you can wear it cross body if you so wish. Which is what I do because I just absolutely cannot be bothered with having a HANDbag and carrying it my HAND. What is that nonsense?! Don’t they know I have things to do and stuff to carry on both hands?

Lip Products

Alright, I really don’t need all of the pictured products. I really only need the lip balm and one lipstick and gloss. Which ever it may be that day. This is just an example of what is carried for that day. I am particularly enamored with the Tsum Tsum lip smacker lip balms. They are moisturizing and really easy to find in the black hole that is my bag. So, win win. The Chanel balm is so-so it is visually appealing but I do not think it is worth the price tag. 10/10 would not buy again. Also, I finally caved and bough the Kat Von D lolita liquid lipstick….I love the color but the staying power is not the best. I have heard that this new formula is not like the first batch. so there’s that.


I do keep my keys in there. Because I do drive places. My car is one of those where I can push to start and I don’t actually have to push any buttons on the key to open the car I just have to be near it. So that’s nice. So my keys just stay in my purse forever and ever period the end. My sunglasses are in there. Whatever the flavor of the day is. Today was the Ray Ban Aviators. I do also keep a pair in my car because ¬†I need options. Don’t you? I keep my Sony camera in my purse for instagram outfit posts. It’s a nice camera because it has the wireless picture transfer to my phone. So I can have nicer pictures on my instagram feed. I also keep some Tsum Tsum minis in there. What? you don’t? whats wrong with you? my favorite is cinderella. or mini mouse. Olaf is a close second. Perry is in last place…sorry buddy!

Wallets, Etc.

I have not carried a large wallet in years. Although I do need one and I do have my eye on one in particular which I will reveal when the time comes. Currently I use the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch which they do not make any more in that color. It has served its purpose but it is overstuffed and I need a bigger wallet. help. I use a cute pink Prada card holder for loose change. Also my phone is in my bag and is it just me or does my phone case remind you of hunting camo instead of marble?!? because it is supposed to be marble….hmmm. I do keep a travel sized Maison Francis Kurkdijan in Aqua Universalis. If you ever get a chance to smell this fragrance, please do. It is unlike any scent I have ever smelled. So good.

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