Blanket Scarf

oops, blurry!

Scarf(sold out from asos, similar here), Sweater (similar), Skirt(here), Boots(here), Socks(similar), Tights (similar)

I love me a good blanket scarf. This one in particular is warm. Like replace your coat warm. Um, perhaps not THAT warm but pretty up there in the warmth scale.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those girls that wear skirts and tights and cute things but lets me honest….I’m just not. I am more of a jeans and button up kind of lady. Throw on a blanket scarf and I am out of the door! ya feel me??

But now I have an excuse to wear things like this! Yay for blogs. I have an a perfectly good reason to buy skirts and dresses and other things. Right? RIGHT?!

Staying cozy warm in this blankety blanket scarf is my jam right now.


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