Yellow High Top Converse, Pink Lips

yellow converse

Are my spanx showing?


yellow converse

Dress (old, similar here, here) Jacket (Super old, Similar here), Shoes (here)


Soooo, whats up? How have you been? Me? I’m just here living my best life. Taking care of my baby boy. Enjoying this nice San Diego weather. Eating the good food. Ahem, let’s not talk about that. Everything is all sunshine and rainbows. yayness!

Ok, let’s keep it one-hundo. I’ve had a lack of motivation on this side of the Americas. But I am back and with more outfits than ever!!!!! yeah baby, yeah.

My photog has to brush up on her skills so that’s why I only have two pictures. So there’s that. And my legs look like I am two feet tall. I just need to be stick thin in order for my legs to be on point. You feel me? I need to be doing yoga two times a day. Running up some hills. Eating a cube of cheese as my sole source of sustenance. Crimony, once you turn a certain age…..things just don’t. That’s it, they just don’t.

uuuuhhh why can’t things be perfect. JK,, who wants to be perfect. That’s boring.


Check out my statement shoe. Yellow high top converse. It’s kind of my thing. The color yellow in general has become a sentimental color for many reasons. It’s a family thing. Yellow high tops FTW.



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