Printed Maxi Skirt

We spotted a cool wall on our way to our shoot location and just parked (illegally!) and took some quick photographs and I loved how they turned out. The blue brings out the blues in the skirt and I think it makes my hair look darker in a good way. I think.

T shirt (old, similar here) Printed Skirt (nordstrom sold out but love this one) Bag (Louis Vuitton Speedy aka the most basic B*tch bag) Belt (H&M here) (Sunglasses Rayban Here) Jewelry, my own designs.

We found a cute little corridor of plants and houses that looked pretty and decided to shoot there for a little while. The print on this skirt stands out and it only looks like you can wear it with certain tops but it really is versatile.

Side note: I am really loving this type of fence in the background. Super cute!


So my sis in law went out today to take some outfit pictures. We were scouting for some murals and we found a couple of pretty cool ones. I think it is safe to say that I have a thing for maxi skirts and dresses. I wish I could wear them everyday. What I wish more is that they made them in the perfect length for me so that I don’t have to wear gigantic wedges every times. I have so many printed maxi skirts in my closet but they are so long and it’s honestly not practical for me to just prance around in 4 inch platform wedges everyday. ya feel me?

I can totally have the skirts taken in, but who even has time for that? eye roll. Also for the longest time I thought a middle part was not my jam, but I think  I am really digging it here. What do you think? Pretty sure I am going to start doing a middle part more often. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe…

Anyway, how cool are these murals, guys?! I particularly love the yellow submarine one. It’s a shame you can’t really see it that well, my camera was acting a bit shady so these are the only good pictures I could get. The man with the tie is rad too but the sun was in my face and I was trying really hard not to make a sun face. I was trying to fix the exposure afterward so It looked ok but I don’t know how well they came out? I am not a total pro at photo editing. I am learning as I go.

Shout out to my SIL for taking these fab pictures. I am convincing her to get a website up and running so I can put out a link to her awesome work.




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