Make Up Free and Favorite Sweater

Striped top (similar here), Sweater (similar here, here, here), Jeans (similar here)

I can’t stand her cuteness!! I want to cuddle her so hard.

He loves me sometimes!


I had to do a post on this sweater because I have been wearing it non stop and it has quickly become my favorite sweater in the whole wide world. I wore it last night to go on a date with my wife. I wore it this morning just because. It is fun to come up with different combinations. I’ll tell you what’s not fun, though….seeing the same people and wearing the same sweater. I promise I wash it! I do get a bit sad when it is in the laundry….It sits there waiting to be worn. It’s sold out, but I found a few different ones that you should check out.

The only down side of this favorite sweater of mine is that the sizing is one size fits all type of thing. I would have liked it to fit a bit more loosely bit the fit will have to do.

Also, I have no shame in coming on here without any make up. Not every girl has to be all done up all of the time. It is ok to be make up free without giving a single you know what. I mean I DO love make up, but sometimes I just cannot be bothered.

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